Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Quiz!

As you may have heard on the last show, Mike and I are going to start going head to head in a battle of the brains in the Student Breakfast Show quiz! Each week, we will select a topic that we will then go away and research and come up with 10 questions on that topic for the other person, and then, most right wins! And then we'll keep doing that each week until we get bored of it.

You see the thing is, we are going to do the first one on the first show back after easter, but we don't have a topic! We need your suggestions for what we should quizzical about. So if you know a good topic that we should do this quiz thing on then send us a message! Either contact us by this Facebook thing or send an email to

We'll be waiting!

Also, as we are away for the next three weeks, we will have some repeats played in our slot. Next Thursday (20/03) we will put on the full show that was broadcast on 6th March, the week after that there is no show, and the week after that we will play in our most recent show. Then after that it's back to normal. I'm afraid that means no podcasts for three weeks! However, the show that was broadcast yesterday will get a podcast and you can expect that by Monday.

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