Friday, 27 June 2008


Hello people!

We have recently made a video for a competition hosted by Adam & Joe for their show on BBC 6 Music. We'd really appreciate it if you all watch it and rate it highly!

The challenge is to make a video for one of their self composed songs. We had a choice of two, and we selected The Meatballs Song by Joe. Here is our attempt:

Much loves! Please give it 5 stars please!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Podcasts resuscitated!

I noticed recently that the podcasts had gone offline. Sorry for that, but they are now back, so if you want them you can have them once again!

No new podcasts I'm afraid, there are a couple of shows that I haven't podcasted yet because I'm far too lazy, but I'm sure they will be done at some point over the summer. In fact, they may be our summer treats. How does one a month sound? If I can actually get the recordings of the last two shows then I will do that for you. has now closed down for the summer, so no more live shows! BUT...we will be back in September and it will be bigger and better!

Enjoy your summers fans!