Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Student Breakfast Show! Episode 1 - Hot Hot Chilli

The first proper Student Breakfast Show podcast is here! And what a blinder it is too. We brought back features from last year, including The Quiz and The So-Called News, and threw a couple of new features into the mix, including Mike Eats Things, which made for a very good reaction this week when I gave Mike some Finger Chillies. All that and more, including some stuff from the soul destroying Chat Magazine and French train station bing bongs. Enjoy!

Monday, 29 September 2008

The Student Breakfast Show - Freshers' Fayre Podcast!

We have returned with an all new podcast! This features the highlights of our shows which were broadcast live from the Freshers' Fayres at Hendon and Trent Park. Unfortunately, these highlights are a bit brief because we played much more music that we usually do on these shows for the listeners at the Fayres, but oh well, the proper Student Breakfast Show will return this Friday from midday, featuring our brand new feature, Mike Eats Things. Tune in to the show at to find out more!

Also, watch out for the new podcast coming shortly after Fridays show, coming to you in much better quality than the last season! Please bear in mind that the first season of podcasts will be removed shortly, so get them while you can!

Monday, 22 September 2008

The Student Breakfast Show is coming back!

Hello there! Here is a little thing we recorded this afternoon to tell all you podcast subscribers what the plan is for the new season. The season launches on Thursday, yes, this Thursday, at 1 pm on, so tune in!

Friday, 5 September 2008


It's coming back!

The Student Breakfast Show will be broadcasting once again on this year, beginning with broadcasts from the Middlesex University Freshers Fayres and from then on in our Brand New Slot...

FRIDAY, 12 - 2 PM!

More details on the Freshers Fayres broadcasts will be published here when we know them. We're also planning on publishing our last two missing podcasts from last season in the run up to the launch of Season 2, so keep your eyes peeled fo them on iTunes!

We can't wait to get back into the studio and we hope you enjoy the Student Breakfast Show Season 2!

Friday, 27 June 2008


Hello people!

We have recently made a video for a competition hosted by Adam & Joe for their show on BBC 6 Music. We'd really appreciate it if you all watch it and rate it highly!

The challenge is to make a video for one of their self composed songs. We had a choice of two, and we selected The Meatballs Song by Joe. Here is our attempt:

Much loves! Please give it 5 stars please!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Podcasts resuscitated!

I noticed recently that the podcasts had gone offline. Sorry for that, but they are now back, so if you want them you can have them once again!

No new podcasts I'm afraid, there are a couple of shows that I haven't podcasted yet because I'm far too lazy, but I'm sure they will be done at some point over the summer. In fact, they may be our summer treats. How does one a month sound? If I can actually get the recordings of the last two shows then I will do that for you. has now closed down for the summer, so no more live shows! BUT...we will be back in September and it will be bigger and better!

Enjoy your summers fans!


Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 8

This feature heavy podcast includes BOTH Hallo aus Berlins, the Quiz and the amazing Gallon Man! Highlights from the show broadcast on 24/04/08. Please draw your own Gallon Men and upload them to our Facebook page!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 7

The wonderful highlights of the show broadcast on 17th April 2008. A fun show it was, despite the lack of any preparation until the night before. Featuring a new Hallo aus Berlin, some amusing bits of news, 99% say Yes, and the second round of The Student Breakfast Show Quiz, which Tom won because he is the best.

We have to apologise for the noticably poor quality of the audio recording of the show. We're not quite sure how or why that happened, but hopefully it won't happen again.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 6

After three long weeks, The Student Breakfast Show podcast returns! In this show, we launched the brilliant Student Breakfast Show Quiz, which resulted in a controversial tie. The show also featured a new Hallo Aus Berlin and some fancy chat, amongst other bits and bobs.

If you can think of a good topic for the Quiz, then please leave a message on our page on Facebook!

Monday, 17 March 2008

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 5

Being our last podcast before Easter, there will be no more podcasts after this one for THREE WEEKS! I hope you can survive that long without a new podcast. To sustain you until then, we have episode 5, featuring the important issues of spam email, the stupidity of suing Marks & Spencer over a grape, and we hear from an angry Russian trying to find the whereabouts of Matt Bennett.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Quiz!

As you may have heard on the last show, Mike and I are going to start going head to head in a battle of the brains in the Student Breakfast Show quiz! Each week, we will select a topic that we will then go away and research and come up with 10 questions on that topic for the other person, and then, most right wins! And then we'll keep doing that each week until we get bored of it.

You see the thing is, we are going to do the first one on the first show back after easter, but we don't have a topic! We need your suggestions for what we should quizzical about. So if you know a good topic that we should do this quiz thing on then send us a message! Either contact us by this Facebook thing or send an email to

We'll be waiting!

Also, as we are away for the next three weeks, we will have some repeats played in our slot. Next Thursday (20/03) we will put on the full show that was broadcast on 6th March, the week after that there is no show, and the week after that we will play in our most recent show. Then after that it's back to normal. I'm afraid that means no podcasts for three weeks! However, the show that was broadcast yesterday will get a podcast and you can expect that by Monday.

Monday, 10 March 2008

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 4

In what is clearly our best podcast so far, we cover the important issues of why Decent Days and Nights by The Futureheads is a song about Catchphrase, London based Confucius, unprotected text and a hilarious bit about Hallo Aus Berlin. Highlights of the show broadcast on 06/03/2008. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 3

As promised, Episode 3 of The Student Breakfast Show podcast comes soon after the publication of episode 2. In this show, the second part of Where in the World is Matt Bennett, the upsides of cannibalism, and a very VERY weak joke about ear clamydia. Plus lots more!

NOTE: This show was broadcast BEFORE the episode of Harry Hill's TV Burp which featured ear cataracts. We did not steal that joke.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of our podcast! These highlights are taken from the show broadcast on 21st Feb, and include such great moments as the first 99% say YES, Matt Bennetts Moscow troubles and the purpose of the Wingdings font. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Anuva little bit of podcast news...

This post will explain how you can subscribe to our podcast in iTunes, should you not know.

Simply, in iTunes, click Advanced and then Subscribe to Podcast... then copy the following link into the window that appears:

and then, whenever a new episode appears, it will download instantly! If you would rather do it manually, then fear not, because we will be posting direct mp3 links on this blog.

I'm trying to work out how to get our podcast listed on iTunes so that you can simply search for The Student Breakfast Show on iTunes and it will appear! But yeah that's in the pipeline...

Student Breakfast Show PODCAST! Episode 1

After people yet again had troubles downloading, I think I have found the final solution. It SHOULD now be available from the following NEW link:

Enjoy it!!!


Friday, 22 February 2008

And we're off!

Hello fans!

Thanks to all of you who listened to our first proper full broadcast show yesterday. We fear we may have been experiencing some technical difficulties at some points in the show so apologies if wecut out on you at any time.

We hope you enjoyed it. We'll be back at the same time next week, when you can hopefully find out what happened to Matt Bennett. We are genuinely worried about him...

There will hopefully be another Word of the Week and another Middletext with more stuff to give away, so every reason to tune in!

And in podcast news, we recorded the show on minidisc and are desperately searching for ways to put it on a computer, but we haven't worked it out yet. Soon I think they will be implementing a new way of recording shows which will be easier, so podcasts will appear at some point in the future!

Don't forget, Thursdays 2 - 4!

Mike & Tom

Friday, 15 February 2008

It's Showtime!

Hi all,

Thanks to those of you who tuned in yesterday - we realise that there are some difficulties with the link provided, but as of next week it's the full launch, so it will be much easier to listen to us!

We have just learnt how to convert our recorded shows into a podcastable format, so we're going to do the conversion for last weeks show on Monday, and so if all goes to plan you can expect a podcast by Monday evening! We're not sure when yesterdays show is going to be podcasted, but what with the late start and overall laziness (for which we apologise), we may not podcast yesterdays show (and also the fact that about half of the show wasn't recorded because we forgot to push the button).

We promise that next weeks first full launch broadcast will be much tighter and slicker than yesterdays - and we will do our best to remember to push the button at the start of the show so that you can have a fancy podcast in your ears soon after the broadcast!

Tune in Thursday 2pm on!

Mike & Tom

Monday, 11 February 2008

How to listen

Remember, will NOT be working for our show this Thursday, so if you want to listen, open the following URL in your media player of choice:

We are meant to be broadcasting from 2 - 4 this Thursday, but there is a meeting for presenters from 2 - 3 on Thursday, so we may only have an hour show this week. We will try and start broadcasting at 2, but we can't promise anything.

Thanks for listening!