Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Student Breakfast Show: The Lost Podcasts! Episode 1 - Beginning of March

We found a couple of old shows that never got podcasted, so here they are for you enterjoyment! Here's one from the beginning of March, and the Lost Podcast next week will be from the end of March. In this show we rubbish claims that narrower neck ties are a result of the credit crunch, we find out the nations favourite crisp flavour, and there's a Quiz all about Geography. All that, and more, in this, the first of two Student Breakfast Show Lost Podcasts! Enjoy please!

Monday, 25 May 2009

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 10 - That's (almost) all folks!

It was our final live show before September, and we rounded off the season with news about Pringles, a Quiz on the number 2, and we reflect on the time we've spent on MUD Radio so far.

But fear not, we're not going anywhere! Keep your eyes peeled for The Student Breakfast Show Podcast - Summer Specials, which will be occurring on a monthly basis throughout the summer. So subscribe, and they will be automatically downloaded for you as and when they appear!

See you for the next live show in September!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 9 - THERE'S A FOOT IN THAT CHILD'S HEAD!

Part 2 of this weeks double bill podcast. having lost just under half of the recording during the show, we bring you the highlights of the second half of The Student Breakfast Show with slightly extended podcast links. Find out who the nation want as their mother, Mike bombards Strictly Come Dancing with letters in a slightly unusual fashion, and there's a Quiz on brains, which lead us to a shocking picture on the internets...

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 8 - Balls!

It's the first half of a podcast double bill, and this one features the highlights of the show broadcast on our summer ball night! There's a Quiz on balls, Tom's offered 1000 pounds to change his name, and Mike looks like a Jonas brother.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Student Breakfast Show Podcast! Episode 7 - Snowed under

A slightly subdued podcast this week as we both try to battle with work. Nevertheless, here is a podcast in which we discuss roundabout stupidity and alien fluff. Oh, and a Quiz on work.